Rethinking thinking for a decentralised society

‘Decentmind will change the way we do business forever’

We Need You!

Decentmind is to be built using the very principles it aims to empower. We need people from all walks of life to help develop Decentmind into something truly remarkable.


Being one of the best in your field of expertise more often than not does not mean you will be the most successful in your field. Groundbreaking innovative ideas are so often forgotten and discarded as quickly as they are dreamed up because turning an ‘idea’ into a ‘reality’ can be a daunting task.

Decentmind hopes to alleviate this problem by creating a global network of minds which enables everyone to pursue their dreams and ambitions by tapping into the resources everyone else on the network has to offer. 

Every user on the network can build ‘Circles’ of people they trust and work well with, whether it be a ‘Circle’ for groupthink sessions or a ‘Circle’ for starting a new business venture. Decentmind disregards demographics and connects anybody in the World together with the people they need to turn an ‘idea’ into a ‘reality’

Community is Everything


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All our code will be open-source and accessible via Github. We encourage developers to get involved in anyway you can.

Built on EOS.IO

Decentmind will at its heart be built on the EOS.IO Blockchain. Unlike many projects being built on blockchain technology, it is essential in the case of Decentmind. 

Decentmind Excludes Nobody

This project is for everybody, by utilizing the combined skillsets & knowledgebase of millions, anybody can achieve their goals with ease and efficiency. 

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